Our mission is to sustainably accommodate economic activities within the logistics and industrial sector that are essential to daily life. Through our projects, we strive to share success, for the benefit of local communities and regions where we invest.

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Global Compact

Member since 2015

Global Compact

This is the world’s largest voluntary international sustainability initiative, aiming to get companies to align their strategies with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


ISO 14001

Certified since 2009

ISO 14001

We are certified ISO 14001 on a global scale, from the design of projects to their management, including the construction of low environmental impact sites.

ISO 50001

Certified since 2022

ISO 50001

This worldwide reference in energy management confirms our actions and commitments in favour of energy conservation and the fight against climate change.

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Lucie 26000

Labelled since 2015

LUCIE 26000

Our commitment to continuous improvement in all areas of CSR is reflected in our LUCIE 26000 certification, which is aligned with the 7 core principles of the ISO 26000 standard.


Contributing to low-carbon targets

In response to the climate crisis, at BARJANE we are committed to reducing emissions from our activities throughout the life cycle of our projects.

We have a dedicated low carbon strategy to pursue opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint during the construction phase, and we design buildings that are optimised for energy efficiency.

We continue to monitor the performance of completed assets in accordance with our Green Building Charter.


HQE and BREEAM certified real estate projects

We develop buildings that are workplaces for thousands of employees. It is therefore essential we design comfortable, healthy and productive working environments for every person present on each site.

Maximising natural light, wooden frames, health-friendly materials, acoustic, thermal, and lighting comfort, outdoor relaxation areas, sports facilities and shared vegetable gardens are all measures that ensure that our logistics and industrial assets are fully certified.


Installing 25 MWp of photovoltaic power on our buildings by 2025

In 2010 we made the decision to commit to a renewable energy strategy to complement our core business. The roof of a building is typically an unused space, but we see it is an opportunity for the creation of a renewable energy source without impacting the land use.

To date, the Group has installed more than 20 MWp, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 13,000 people.

With more than 12 years of experience in this field, we are the leading producer of photovoltaic energy on the roofs of logistics buildings in France and manage power plant projects from start to finish: design, construction, and ongoing management.


Targeting 30% of future development activity on brownfield sites by 2025

We are increasing our commitment to land conservation by bringing back into use former industrial sites and limiting urban sprawl.

Following the transformation of an industrial wasteland in Ollainville into a logistics platform, and the regeneration of a highly polluted area in Ensuès-la-Redonne, we are focusing efforts on a new land strategy.

We aim to seek out wasteland and optimise the development potential of each site via intensification strategies.


Designing all of our projects to achieve a net biodiversity gain

We prioritise the landscape design of our sites from the very first sketches to provide a careful choice of plants and diversity of landscaping, including multi-strata hedges, flower meadows, fruit trees, aromatic plants and melliferous species.

We also provide alternative treatment of rainwater, wildlife shelters and ecological management of green spaces.

We are committed to creating and maintaining habitats that encourage biodiversity and assessing the impact of the actions implemented through regular monitoring of the species present.





In 2017, we created the BARJANE Foundation to support local projects for the benefit of local the communities where we own property. The Corporate Foundation reflects the ethical values and CSR commitments of BARJANE.



The protection of nature with action such as wildlife conservation programmes, support for the recreation and development of biodiversity and initiatives to clean up and protect habitats.


The development of cultural and sports projects at a local community level through supporting exhibitions, cultural events, sports clubs and teams.

Bonelli’s Eagle

In 2016, our team rescued a Bonelli’s eagle - one of the most endangered species of raptors, that had strayed near the offices. Since this encounter, the BARJANE Corporate Foundation has been working alongside the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur to preserve the species by financing census and awareness-raising operations incuding: exhibitions, life-size models, ringing, population monitoring.

Biodiversity workshops

Each year the BARJANE Corporate Foundation is pleased to welcome the children from the nearby town of Les Arcs-sur-Argens to the Parc des Bréguières to raise awareness about the importance of protecting biodiversity and natural ecosystems. Led by BARJANE employees, the children discover the biodiversity present including the observation of bees through the Park’s educational apiary and the creation of bird feeders.

Mmmh ! The Provence Festival of Gastronomy

We support the annual festival in Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, which brings together some of the region’s starred professional chefs in the central square to make Provencal gastronomy accessible to all.

The Edible School

The BARJANE Corporate Foundation supports the work of the ‘Edible School’, an associative project that brings food education ‘from seed to compost’ into schools.
The association organises sensory, cultural and culinary discovery workshops to raise children’s awareness of eating well and to enable them to learn by experimenting.

Support for Sport

The Foundation supports Nicolas Savant-Aira, a high-level table tennis athlete and logistics professional. He began his career in 2003, in a parasport club, as part of the French Para Table-Tennis team. Today he is a 12-time French Champion, 5-time European Champion and won bronze medals at the London and Tokyo Paralympic Games. Since 2017 we have also partnered the Draguignan Rugby Club youth which helps children discover the sport and its values of integrity, teamwork, discipline, and respect.

Emanuel School Garden

We have developed a biodiversity garden in partnership with the Emanuel School in London, and its “Primary Ambitions” programme to invite local schools lacking infrastructure to benefit from its own. The aim is to teach children the importance of respecting biodiversity through shared science and photography activities. It includes facilities and installations that encourage the development of local flora and fauna including: a field flower meadow, a small pond, piles of wood and rocks, an insect hotel, bird shelters and 2 beehives.

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