Parc des Bréguières

Les Arcs-sur-Argens (83)
Key data

 236 000 m² floor area

20 hectares of green space

200 million euros in investments 

4.5 megawatt peaks of photovoltaic power plants in building roofs 

1 500 term jobs

Prizes / labels / Certifications

The Bréguières Park, represents a new generation of logistic parks inscribed in a sustainable development of their activities.

Its objective is to combine a technical and economic performance, creating a pleasant and rewarding working environment for users, controlling risks and respecting the environmental.

Since 2009, it is ISO 14001 certified on a global perimeter: project design, realization and sustainable management of the Park. All the buildings are equipped with photovoltaic power plants on the roof, which allows to produce a green electricity.

The management is carried out by a team of operating agents BARJANE. Responsible for the maintenance of the collective equipments of the Park (green spaces, collective buildings, roads, street furniture, signage, public lighting, car parks,…), the team also ensures a reception 24/24, 7/7.

With more than a third of the Park in green spaces, including a part labeled refuge LPO®, the establishment of an alternative treatment of stormwater, the installation of beehives and a path of biodiversity, the park aims to be a place that combines economic activity and protection of biodiversity.

The Park has also been conceived as a place of life for employees. The architectural and landscape quality of the project ensures a pleasant working environment, the environmental commitment of the area is rewarding for users, and services are made available to them (banking agency, post office, reception building drivers and restaurant under development).