The La Crau Ecomuseum features a new Bonelli’s Eagle sculpture

By 7 June 2019 June 26th, 2019 Blog-en

The La Crau Ecomuseum plays a major role in raising people awareness about the preservation. Through modern and elegant scenography, the museum highlights the wealth of the area’s natural heritage, its unique environments and the protected species that are specific to this beautiful territory.

To support this initiative, BARJANE’s Corporate Foundation has teamed up with the Research Conservatory on Provence Ecosystems and the La Crau Ecomuseum to fund the acquisition of a life-size model of Bonelli’s Eagle, one of the most endangered raptors in France.

An acquisition that will enable visitors to learn more about this emblematic regional eagle, and to get to know the actions implemented to protect this species, in which BARJANE’s Corporate Foundation is proud to participate.