The company Actual settles into the Services building of the Bréguières Park

By 13 November 2020 Blog-en

With nearly 2,100 employees in 430 agencies across Europe, Actual offers a wide range of solutions to meet the challenges of employment: support and professional integration, training, recruitment, etc. The Group currently supports more than 168,000 temporary workers.

It is within the Bréguières Park’s Services Building, developed by BARJANE in Les Arcs-sur-Argens (83), that the Group will open its new Var agency, thus developing its territorial presence.

BARJANE is delighted to welcome Actual, a key player in the job market. Acting as intermediaries between companies and job applicants, the stakeholders in the temporary employment sector are essential at a local and a national level, as they promote the fluidity of the job market. This sector is all the more important today given the global health context: “Temporary employment justifies more than ever its raison d’être” (Samuel Tual, president of Actual Leader group for Le Nouvel Economiste).

Welcome to Actual and its teams!