SIATI: BARJANE speaks on the buildings’ energy performance

By 7 October 2021 Blog-en

Yesterday, at the SIATI (Sommet Immobilier, Aménagement des Territoires et Innovation), BARJANE took part in a round table discussion on “the levers for improving the energy performance of buildings”.

Moderated by Antoine Morlighem of Décideurs Magazines, this event focused on adapting to the changing regulatory framework and implementing global strategies in buildings, either on its own or alongside its client users.

As part of its climate strategy, to support the fight against global warming, BARJANE is working in the short and longer term on the energy performance of its buildings, but also on the subjects of development of biodiversity and territorial integration.

Hélène Cossic, Head of Environmental Performance and Innovation at BARJANE: “We need to be very agile in order to anticipate the future while taking very concrete action on a case-by-case basis for each of our buildings.

Thank you to SIATI and to all the speakers.