Patrick Ribet

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Patrick Ribet

Regional Director, CIC – Lyonnaise De Banque

How has CIC worked with BARJANE during its development ?
What are the reasons that give you confidence in BARJANE ?

We have worked with BARJANE through our funding and also the global study on which the funding depends and which we carry out together prior to financing.
We have put our trust in BARJANE as the first developer in PACA. We know its expertise, professionalism and reputation but also, because it is our business, its financial strength.

What are the criteria that you use to assess the relevance of a property operation ?
Which BARJANE operations have you been involved with ?

Firstly, we appreciate its location with the development potential of the zone in which it is based. We also assess the program cost, tenancy pertinence and therefore the balance between investment and return.
To date, we have met and participated in every request made by BARJANE.

You are shortly opening a new bank branch at the Parc des Bréguières, can you tell us about the reasons for this choice ?

For CIC, this is a strategic zone. Near our clients, accessible and central in the VAR COTE D’AZUR sector and, above all, a zone in development.
And what better example of trust that to be a tenant of a property built by our client ! BARJANE responded to our requirements in terms of quality, speed and efficiency. It was logical to open our agency in this location.

Parc des Bréguières

Les Arcs-sur-Argens (83)

Completion date
263 000 m2


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