BARJANE makes logistic buildings more noble, more virtuous, and creators of value for their users, but also for the territories, and for the planet. 

BARJANE, aware of the impact of its activities on the environment and territories, has chosen to structure its CSR strategy around international standards and labels.  

BARJANE has adopted the ISO 14001 standard since the beginning of its activities and has certified, in 2009, its first realization, the Parc des Bréguières, on a global perimeter (Conception, realization, reception of companies and management).

In 2012, BARJANE choosed to extend this certification to all of its activities as a developer and Manager in logistics and industrial real estate, and thus to all its projects. 

In 2014, the LUCIE label and its commitments, aligned to ISO 26 000, allowing BARJANE to take a broader interest in all CSR issues.

BARJANE was labelated LUCIE in 2015 and joined the United Nations Global Compact in the same year (UN Global compact). 

All of these standards and labels today form the basis of BARJANE’s CSR strategy, which is based on objectives for BARJANE sites to be valuable creators.




For the environment

Improving our buildings environmental quality

Conserving water and energy resources and developing renewable energies

Anticipate our projects nuisances and prevent pollution

Promote biodiversity protection


For the territories

Ensure dialogue with our stakeholders,

Participate in initiatives in health, culture and sport fields,

Participate in the human and economic development of the territory,

Develop long-lasting relationships with our subcontractors and suppliers and encourage their social responsibility.

For user customers

Ensure peoples safety and property on our sites

Improve comfort and living environment for our achievements users

Respect our customers interests and create a relationship of trust and partnership

Increase our assets sustainability and develop innovations

For our collaborators

Share values and respect professional ethic 

Promote diversity and respect the fundamental rights of the person

Promote the well-being at work and our employees safety 

Develop our teams skills 


Women equity presentation 

LUCIE label 

CSR commitments