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The sub-prefect for the Var, Mr Philippe Portal, visited for the first time the Parc des Bréguières on Friday, 22 April. Accompanied by Olivier Audibert Troin, Deputy and President of CAD, Mr. Alain Parlanti, Mayor of Les Arcs-sur-Argens and Vice Chairman of CAD, and representatives of the State and CAD, BARJANE began with the visit of the platform developed by Carrefour which has won the Grand Prix SIMI 2014. 

The group went on the roof of the building to discover its photovoltaic power plant. The solar energy is in constant development in the Parc.

The meeting ended with a visit of the distribution center of the group La Poste where the elected officials and the sub-prefect spoke to the local press and answered questions from reporters. 

“The first quality of this Parc is to exist and create jobs”, said Philippe Portal at the end of the visit, “and its achievement is exemplary from an environmental point of view”.

BARJANE thanks the sub-prefect, the Deputy, the Mayor and all the persons who came.