Manuel Calado

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Manuel Calado

LVMH Fragrance Brands

How did the BARJANE building respond to your requirements ?

First of all, the site chosen jointly by GIVENCHY and BARJANE is next to our factory at Beauvais. This proximity is critical since movements between the two sites are many and frequent. BARJANE has followed our specification to the letter and also added its own contribution by optimizing the free height of the building. A modification of the urbanization documentation was initiated and implemented by BARJANE in order to achieve a storage height of 9.80 meters. Finally, the economics of BARJANE’s business proposal followed the preliminary objectives we had set.

Once the building was delivered, what is the relationship with BARJANE and what subjects are discussed ?

BARJANE remains the owner of the site; we meet regularly during visits to check the proper operation of the site. We ourselves pay attention to the quality of the buildings we operate from and make a full contribution towards maintaining the quality of the building. We have been applying these best practices for a long time now and systematically developed them over several years using lean management methods across the entire business. The regular visits by BARJANE enable us to find solutions to the normal problems encountered in buildings and their operations. But these visits also allow us to strengthen the links between the respective teams and to think of other projects.

Would you recommend BARJANE to another company and for which reasons ?

We are committed to good relationships with our suppliers and partners. To be able to deal with the same people from the initial study phase through construction and then during the lifetime of the building is obviously a plus point. This continuity is appreciated and is reassuring: we have a name and a face for the buildings owner and we know that we can call on at any time and for whatever reason. Like us, BARJANE is very attached to the quality of its buildings. Its intelligent contribution to all the phases of a property project, from studies through construction to building management means that it can achieve its quality demands. For these reasons, we would recommend BARJANE and hope that our good experience brings other businesses to form a partnership with this company on a human scale.

LVMH Logistic Platform

Beauvais (60)

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6800 m2


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