Joël Monti

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Joël Monti


Can you introduce us to the PALME Association ?

Originally, PALME means, “Park of activities labeled environmental control”. PALME is a French National Association (Association Law 1901 non-profit) whose members are mainly communities, planners, business associations, service providers, who find themselves around the theme of quality and sustainable development of business parks. Our object of investigation focuses on the issues related to the sustainable management and facilitation of these territories. The Association is a place of capitalization of know-how, in a word, of the experience, of the expertise of each put at the service of all.

In short, you are a network of professional actors!

Exactly, in the sense of a social network in the whole contemporary dimension of the term, and of course with all the tools specific to this type of network, at the forefront of which the Web is displayed. The answer to your question is also at this address:

What is the value of your action ?

Without hesitation, the value of “sharing”, corollary to my sense to “solidarity”, condition necessary for the sustainable development of the planet… Our slogan is “PALME, shared experience”, sharing knowledge, failure, success, sharing territory, sharing data… Palme, place of pooling (legal and technological watch), PALME place of dialogue and exchanges… PALME, place of actual meetings through day or study trips, working groups.

What is ISO 14001 compared to business parks ? Is this a common approach to the development of areas of activity? What about private planners like BARJANE ?

In short, ISO 14001 is an international standard that allows to take into account the requirements to be met in order to set up an environmental management system within an organisation. In other words, the environmental management system is the method of internal organisation that allows to structure a continuous improvement approach that enables convincing results towards the environment.
It is an approach that originally aimed at the process of companies and under the aegis of the Association Palme has moved to the management of the territories and more specifically to the management of the activity parks. It is an approach that applies to the territories is still confidential, but has had a definite boom in recent years. For planners as well as business park managers, this is a fundamental structuring tool on sustainable development issues. If the SEM model developers begin to familiarize themselves with this type of procedure, BARJANE, the only private developer of our network, has made it a real tool of differentiation and performance in the dynamics set up on the Parc des Bréguières.

How does BARJANE’s involvement within your Association translate?

We have more and more developers interested in our network. All are SEM, operational hands of the communities. As said previously, BARJANE is our only private developer. The difference is noticeable. The temporality of the communities is not the same as that of the private… Innovation, rapidity, effective operationality, respect for schedules, in this sense BARJANE participates in a real dynamic of Exchange in terms of added value on our network. Strongly involved in our listeners ‘ Club, our interlocutor, Hasna Berkia Guez, is present to relay her know-how. Relais major, BARJANE, through Léo Barlatier, (Manager) participates in the governance of Palme as administrator of the Association.

Parc des Bréguières

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