Jeremy Caquelin

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Jeremy Caquelin

Logistics Manager PGC

The Auchan group has had the will to build a new warehouse that meets the expectations of the supply chain from an operational point of view but also from a safety point of view at work for our teams.
For this, we worked very closely with CRAMIF and BARJANE. The preventive measures that have been put in place on this project are the result of a collaboration that came very early between our teams. BARJANE, who owns the building designed the turnkey project for AUCHAN, it was actually built around the logistics process and our needs. In addition, the project has put man at the heart of the logistic tool: the natural brightness, the choice of materials, the contribution of wood, the clear colors, all this contributes to the comfort of work and the well-being of the collaborators.

We arrived on this fabulous site in June 2015 and since then we are working to continue to continually improve the working conditions of our teams.

These efforts were rewarded in December 2016 by the Crimson trophy for reflections conducted in a way of safety and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders. The installation of automatic film-making machines, dynamic racks, or an anti-crushing system on the docks are some of the improvements that have been developed on this site.

Auchan logistics platform

Serris (77)

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52 000 m2


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