Jean-Marie Suquet

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Jean-Marie Suquet

BPI France

Oseo has been following BARJANE since the beginning. How do you explain this loyalty ?
Can you give us some successful examples of this partnership ?

OSEO is the entrepreneurs firm. Our goal is to help companies to grow.
OSEO has been following BARJANE for several years. We appreciate their ability to develop various expertise (first transporter then logistician and land planner).
We are also very sensitive to the good balance between shareholders’ funds and banking support.
These financial capacities let us work with BARJANE on important projects.
The ability to manage finances each project after another is a very important skill for the group and is very comforting for investors.
BARJANE also signs contracts with qualitative tenants, which is another important point in this partnership. (GIVENCHY, SAN MARINA, IRON MOUNTAIN, DAHER,…).

Since 2010, BARJANE is member of the network “OSEO excellence”.
What is this network and why did you select BARJANE ?

OSEO excellence is a community which gets together our 2000 best clients.
Beyond their financial quality, this network gathers companies with the best growing potential. Thanks to our website or during some events, our members are able to benchmark with managers who are growing and investing like them.
OSEO excellence is also a feedback tool (with a monthly survey) in order to back up to the public organizations managers’ reactions.
BARJANE is one of the first companies that have been certified “OSEO excellence” because the values of its managers, as well as their ability to adapt, really match OSEO spirit.

OSEO is soon integrating the BPI, what are the changes for BARJANE ?

The integration of OSEO in the BPI will give us more capacity to follow BARJANE in the long term.

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