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Platform Manager LIDL Les Arcs

In a few words, can you tell us about the operation of the LIDL platform and the activities of your team ?

The “LIDL Les Arcs” platform supplies the LIDL stores solely in the 06 and 83 departments. Deliveries are made 6 days out of 7 across the entire range of dry and fresh products, fruit and vegetables, meat, frozen foods and non food general items.
The site is accessed daily by around 50 commercial vehicles, both in and outbound. The teams are made up of versatile order pickers who also act as receivers, truck drivers, controllers, managing cleaning or recycling and dock agents.

After one year of operations and location in the South, what are the results ?

We can report a very positive result after one year of operations. Despite a difficult initial context, thanks to the tragic climatic events of June 2010, our workforce were able to give the best of themselves and we opened every day in a very positive atmosphere in order to move forward with the LIDL site, in both social and business terms. We have aimed to achieve an immaculate working environment, both in terms of safety and hygiene.

Building B – Parc des Brèguières

Les Arcs-sur-Argens (83)

Completion date
236 000 m2


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