CONFERENCE Employee engagement: taking action to drive performance

By 24 May 2019 June 26th, 2019 Blog-en

On Tuesday 21st of May, BARJANE was invited to speak about “employee engagement within the company” during a conference-debate, organised in London, by Eurogroup Consulting.

Julie Barlatier Prieuret, Managing Director of BARJANE, participated in this meeting with Thibaut Peeters, CEO of Décathlon UK, and Olivier Dubuisson, Employee Experience Team Director at BP, in order to share with the audience the actions implemented to measure and to encourage BARJANE’s team engagement.

Through its CSR strategy, BARJANE works in favor of promoting employees’ engagement. In 2017, an internal satisfaction survey driven by the company’s director, showed this engagement thanks to common values sharing and a team spirit developed at BARJANE.

Thank you to Matthieu Prieuret, Managing Partner at Eurogroup Consulting, for organising this evening!