BARJANE’s Breguieres Park is 10 years old!

By 10 October 2019 Blog-en

Ten years ago, the construction of the Breguieres Park began in Arcs-Sur-Argens. At the heart of 3 million inhabitants’ consumption basin, the Breguieres Park currently represents 135,841 SQM of logistics space spread over 65 hectares. It includes 4 logistics platforms, 4 activity buildings and 1 life centre, creating 1500 jobs.

Similar to other BARJANE Group projects which are ISO 14001 certified, the Breguieres Park aims to respect the environment, through high quality architecture and landscaping. Each building incorporates photovoltaic equipment, generating 6.5 MWc of power, which amounts to the annual consumption of 3,300 people. Additionally, the 20 hectares of green space contain a biodiversity trail, open to schools to promote environmental education, three beehives and many other facilities.