BARJANE starts managing its land through eco-grazing in Parc des Bréguières

By 15 January 2021 Blog-en

Parc des Bréguières, in Les Arcs-sur-Argens (83), BARJANE is now home to 2 donkeys, on its 20 hectares of green space. This is the start of BARJANE’s commitment to eco-grazing in the Park which will allow natural clearing of the area.

Eco-grazing is part of BARJANE’s desire to ensure a differentiated management of green spaces on its sites by using an ecological method: “zero phytosanitary products” policy, reduction of mowing frequency, implementation of organic mulching, maximum recovery of maintenance residues.

In order to adapt to the needs of the local fauna and flora and not to risk exerting strong pressure on the natural environment, the donkeys will regularly change areas.

Welcome to our 2 donkeys, Tino and Swami