BARJANE speaks at the ICC Forum for Climate

By 19 November 2021 Blog-en

Organised in parallel to the COP26, the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) Climate Forum aims at sharing best practices and solutions to participate in the global objective of net-zero emissions.

On the occasion of this event, BARJANE was invited to speak about the actions implemented to make the logistics sector more sustainable.
“At BARJANE, we are developing solutions to minimise the carbon footprint of our buildings. This includes global cooperation between all stakeholders on the subject.” Julie-Barlatier Prieuret, co-founder and co-director of BARJANE.

As an actor committed to a sustainable development of its activities, BARJANE aims to prove through its projects that economic development and environmental performance can be reconciled.

Thank you to the ICC, and more particularly to the French Chamber of Great Britain, and to all the participants for this joint mobilisation!