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This week end best runners from all over the world will participate to the new edition of Sainte Victoire Trail. This run, organised by the AIL Rousset association and its 140 volunteers, is occuring in the Sainte Victoire Mountain. As it is a protected site, only 600 runners are allowed to subscribe, in order to insure security and respect of the environment.
This year, several runs are organised. On Saturday, Rousset Urban Trail offers two different trails (5 and 12 km) in order to make people discover this activity. On Sunday, experimented runners will tackle two other trails :
– Cezanne Trail with a distance of 36 km
– Sainte Victoire Trail with a distance of 58 km is the main event and is only opened to experimented runners
This is also a sustainable event, as a Charter of responsibility is distributed to all participants to respect biodiversity and reduce wastes. The Grand Site Sainte Victoire, partner of the event, is also mobilized in order to sensitize runners to the importance of the natural environment around them.
Moreover, for each subscription, one euro is donated to a caritative association. This year, a team of Dunes d’Espoir association is running the Cezanne Trail. Thanks to a specified equipment and to volonteers, 3 children will be able to enjoy this incredible adventure. This association aims to make dissabled children discover running and wants to reduce exclusion using sport, as a integrative tool.
BARJANE is happy to participate to this event and wishes good luck to all runners !

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