BARJANE invited to talk at the “IFLab CSR & SMEs: Women’s leadership” on Wednesday, January 31st

By 23 January 2018 April 27th, 2020 Blog-en

Julie Barlatier-Prieuret, Managing director of BARJANE is invited to take part in the CSR and SME IFLab on the topic of “women’s leadership”, organised by the Friedland Institute on Wednesday, January 31st, to talk about CSR practices in enterprises.

The integration of CSR practices is relatively recent in French companies, particularly in SMEs. Often perceived as a constraint, CSR can be an opportunity to instill a new dynamic or even become a lever for performance.

Check out his testimonial by clicking on this link:

Thank you to the organisers for their invitation, don’t hesitate to attend this event by registrating on Friedland Institute website!