BARJANE CSR report is online

By 20 July 2016 May 25th, 2020 Blog-en

BARJANE has a sustainable development strategy based on the following voluntary approaches :

  • Certified ISO 14001 since 2012
  • Regulated by RICS since 2012
  • LUCIE label, reference in terms of CSR, since 2015
  • Adhesion to the UN Global compact since 2015

These approaches are the pillars of a global strategy based on three aspects which are environmental performance, economical responsibility and societal commitment. For this three stakes, BARJANE determines objectives and action plans in order to realize qualitative projects, minimizing their impact on the environnement, and integrating them at best in their territory.

This CSR report aims to present BARJANE strategy, its commitments and actions in terms of environment, ethics or social responsibility.