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BARJANE won the Innovation award in the category “Infrastructure or Logistics Site” during SITL Europe with the project of AUCHAN Distribution Center for East Île-de-France Val d’Europe, in Marne-la-Vallée.

The 52 000 sqm platform of high environmental and architectural quality developed by BARJANE for AUCHAN in Serris, combines security, well-being of the users and innovative solutions. BARJANE and AUCHAN’s ambitions were to place people, healthcare and safety at the heart of the logistics process. The site is designed in order to maximize comfort and security. It offers very qualitative working conditions for users. This platform, with a triple certification ISO 14001, BREEAM Good and NF HQE™ “Bâtiments Tertiaires”, has lots of assets and offer several services: pleasant offices, extremely bright warehouses, welcoming restaurant, nice staff room, petanque field, orchard and landscaping. The site is dedicated to storage, distribution of consumer goods, soft drinks, perfumery, beauty products and supplies around 40 hypermarkets and drive-in on the east of Ile de France.

The safety is at the heart of the building. The most innovative point is the specific safety system: opening doors docked with an anti-crush system and blocks doors. This innovation was created by AUCHAN and BARJANE and validated by the CRAMIF. It aims to limit accidents around the docks.

This distribution center has a second major asset for users: the improvement of the quality of life, comfort and well-being at work. It was designed in order to create pleasant living spaces (a welcoming restaurant, friendly staff spaces, the whole open onto fitted terraces up with garden sets). In order to facilitate the use of alternative modes of transportation, the site is deserved by various bikeways. A car-sharing platform and a bus line were created by AUCHAN.

The warehouse, with its mixed wood and concrete structure, the use of light colors, and a lot of natural lighting is more welcoming than a conventional warehouse.

Environmental quality is one of the main objectives of the project. Architectural quality, reinforced isolation, reduction of energy consumptions, natural lighting, use of rainwater… everything is designed to limit environmental and visual impacts. This multifunctional platform also hosts the regional supply and logistics center and the national training center for logistics jobs. With this new platform, AUCHAN has a training tool which serves as a positive and modern image of the logistics.

AUCHAN distribution center is perfectly located, in ZAC du Couternois, in Serris (Val d’Europe – Marne-la-Vallée). The location, 25 km away from Paris, and close to the A4 highway is very useful to join the main road networks. The ZAC du Couternois is also accessible by public transportation (bus, RER A) and access to bicycles is facilitated. The site is established in the first France‘s rail hub.

After six months of utilization, feedbacks from users are extremely positive: they appreciate the infrastructures thought and created in order to optimize their comfort, their well-being and also their security. The distribution center has already been adopted by all the users.