Rocadest - Carcassonne


Carcassonne (12)

145 000 residents involved in the project
13 862 m2 of solar PV panels
80 millions euros of investment
670 full-time jobs

Valorpark - Rocadest
Rebalancing the East-West offering  
On a regional level, the available commercial offerings in certain sectors such as culture, leisure or sport are under-developed, as assessed by the SCoT (Schéma de Cohérence Territoriale/Regional Cohesion Scheme) of the city of Carcassonne.
These sectors are more fully developed in the West of the city, showing an imbalance in the distribution of commercial facilities in the region. The ROCADEST project’s aim is to overcome the deficiency.

To improve the image of the city
The Eastern entrance to Carcassonne is one of the main entrances into the city. The image it reflects at the moment is not very favourable due to poor town planning, in both architectural design and landscaping terms and a lack of best use of the space available. By introducing a shopping complex, the ROCADEST project will give Carcassonne a modern, dynamic image once again. 

Bringing the region to life 
The ROCADEST project aims to complement the Géant Cité II shopping mall proposal and it is also situated on the East of the city in the Baichère zone. It will give new impetus to the bustling urban and rural life of the region, providing local shops with an influx of new customers. 

An optimised commercial offering
Despite its superb location at the entrance to the city of Carcassonne, the Cité II shopping center in the Baichère area is an unsatisfactory, essentially entry-level proposal.
The objective of the ROCADEST project is to revitalise the proposal for the site by offering a real balance between big brands and local stores including restaurants. Its objective is to maximise the potential of the site, meeting all the demands of the local population in a single shopping center.
By achieving this objective, the ROCADEST project would benefit the Cité II shopping center through its attractive aspect and give it a new lease of life with the new facade.

Rebalancing the Commercial Offering 
“The East side of Carcassonne is completely imbalanced. At the last trade fair we attended, we had more than 60% positive feedback with requests from outlets keen to get on board” says Lucien Ferrandis, Rocadest representative and project promoter.
Basically, the commercial offering is mainly developed on the western side of Carcassone, whereas the majority of the population live in the East of the city. This situation is not sustainable as it leads to an imbalance of the distribution of regional business.
Hundreds of jobs created 
350 jobs in the hypermarket
160 in the shopping mall
110 in specialised, medium-sized spaces
50 in the restaurant area
When all the commercial outlets are opened a total of around 670 full-time jobs will have been created. 

Regional investment 
The ROCADEST project represents an investment of approximately 80 million Euros
A boon for local construction firms which will be involved in the building as well as for tradesmen and craftsmen associated with the project.

A new tourist attraction 
Aside from the boutiques and other specialised shops, the ROCADEST shopping center will include an ideally situated restaurant area, notably with a breath-taking view over the City and the surrounding landscape.
The idea is to offer a commercial and leisure destination not only to the people of Carcassonne, but also to the numerous French and foreign tourists who come to appreciate the unique history of the town.
An exceptional location for eating out and shopping near the famous city of Carcassonne.

A quality development 
The ROCADEST project fits into the context of a major impulse for sustainable development amongst the major professional players. This is why the shopping complex will have a Valorpark® label so as to improve the image of property at the edge and entrances of the town notably for big brands, consumers and Public Authorities
The Valorpark® label demands a certain number of design quality criteria, including :
Transparency (identification of the site, management and performance)
User friendliness (architecture, services, security, merchandising, local initiatives)
Implementation of strict environmental norms.

A High Quality Environmental Project (HQE) 
Starting from an analysis of the site and operational context, environmental priorities have been defined to support a high quality environmental initiative (HQE). This aims to limit the impact on the environment in the short and long term of the building works, whilst ensuring that the occupants enjoy healthy, comfortable conditions.
The contractors will structure their objectives around 14 targets which include:
Management of the outdoor spaces to minimise the impact on the environment
Blending into the landscape, minimising annoyances, saving biodiversity
Management of rain water, notably to maintain the water balance of the local environment
Energy management, in particular lighting and the systematic use of renewable energy
A choice of materials and building procedures promoting environmental quality
Through effective energy management of water and site waste, the ROCADEST project supports a high quality environmental approach.


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