Jean-Luc Grellou

Jean-Luc Grellou

GLS - Arcs sur Argens - Site Director

Can you tell us about your company ?

GLS France is a subsidiary of General Logistics Systems B.V. (GLS), a pan-European company specialising in transport and logistics and based in Amsterdam. Operating in 42 European countries, the GLS Group features an integrated network with extended links (37 hubs, 674 agencies). The GLS Group is positioned as a leader in service quality in Europe. As a transport operator, GLS France specialises in the collection and delivery of small parcels (between 0 and 30Kg). It delivers for more than 5 300 companies and works with its clients in their development in 42 European countries and more than 50 destinations around the world.

What operations do you carry out at your Arcs sur Argens site ?

Our activity at the Arcs site is related to the collection and delivery of packages for the Var and part of the Alpes-Maritimes departments together with supporting the development of our clients. Receipts begin at 6 am
( around 5 000 packages per day) and dispatch takes place up to 6 pm. Currently 17 people and 44 delivery personnel work at the site.

You have been at the Parc des Bréguières site since it opened, has this been a success? What are the advantages of this site ?

In effect we have been here since the site was established: the location allows us to serve two departments and the close proximity to fast routes was an essential part of our choice of location. In addition, it was important for us to be able to get involved with the development of this region ( job creation, ecological development "think green", etc).


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