Thomas MILHE

Thomas MILHE

Directeur régional Daher Aérospace

What was the planning of your project and how did BARJANE help to realise it?

The design and construction of the Eurocopter Global Logistics platform was subject to very tight planning. The first contacts we had with BARJANE were in February 2009 and the completed building was delivered on 14th January 2011: in other words, two years to do all the administrative procedures and the work. Especially since BARJANE made the first working units available in September 2010, 9 months after the first foundation stone was laid. This phased delivery ( 2 working units in September, 4 in November, offices in December) allowed us to take over the building and manage a transfer which achieved the security and quality required by our common client EUROCOPTER whose watchword is
“ Zero faults, zero waste and zero breakage”, with 1,300,000 parts to transfer!

BARJANE equally took over the implementation of the initial work on the Florides Activity Zone which had not yet seen the light of day. The Communauté Urbaine de Marseille in effect entrusted them with the viability of access via the Departmental Route allowing the servicing of the site.

Achieving the planning targets was made possible by the close cooperation between the teams.

What were your requirements in terms of process and how were they integrated into the project ?

The platform was subject to very precise specifications and BARJANE delivered a custom built turnkey building which fitted our requirements. We are in effect, far from being a classic warehouse. Besides an automated store with 112,000 spaces that require very precise flooring performance, we have a very particular logistics process requiring adaptations (trappons in firewalls for example, or increased overhead lighting in areas with high occupancy…)

The platform has also been awarded the Grand Prix SIMI 2011 for its technical qualities and adaptation to our processes.

Now that the site is operational, do you continue to dialogue with the BARJANE team and, if so, on what themes ?

BARJANE uniqueness is that this investor has a real heritage strategy. We are therefore always in contact with the team that we work with from conception through to the construction phase.

We have regular contact both from the completion phase followed by the current operational phase. Technical teams are available to us to solve as soon as possible typical issues surrounding a logistics building, BARJANE’s Operations Director comes regularly to maintain the photovoltaic plant installed on the roof and we are in discussion with their development teams with regards to future projects.


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