Isabelle BARDIN

Isabelle BARDIN

Cluster PACA logistics Director

The PACA Logistique Cluster is an association under law 1901, which brings together private and public, local and national organisations and businesses that carry out the performance of logistics activities in the Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur region. 
The association has two objectives: 

• to support and develop the regional activities of businesses involved in logistics.
• to find Logistics and Territory synergies for a sustainable development of PACA. 
By offering a neutral space for discussion, the Cluster allows its members to share knowledge and work together on common issues.
The Cluster encourages creation and use of organisational and/or technological innovation in the logistics ecosystem via collaborative actions and projects. In addition, the association has chosen to particularly get involved in two major competitive issues located at the public-private interface: urban logistics and the development of land (property, infrastructures).

BARJANE has been a member of the Cluster since it was established. What has been its involvement within the Cluster ?

BARJANE is a very active member of the Cluster. During our 3rd Regional Logistics Day which was dedicated to logistics hubs, a visit to the Parc des Bréguières was organised and highly appreciated by all the participants. Elsewhere, BARJANE has participated at various exhibitions on our joint stand. Finally, the Group shares their expertise in the “Logistics Real estate” working group.

BARJANE has been heavily involved for a long time in initiatives favouring sustainable development. In your view, what are the outstanding elements and how do they enable BARJANE to differentiate itself from others in the market ?

Sustainable Development is an integral part of the heritage of the Group. It also has to be noted that the strong commitment of BARJANE in this field has allowed it, in our view, to develop a real expertise in minimising environmental impact and a good societal integration of its activities together with a long term commitment in its relations with stakeholders, especially the local authorities in charge of the territories where it develops. So these are two key factors enabling access to the most coveted land in the region.


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