Commercial Director

BNP Paribas has worked alongside BARJANE in its development over many years. What are the reasons that give you confidence in BARJANE ?

The BARJANE group and BNP Paribas share common values such as:
• a fast response to the evaluation of situations and evolutions as well as identifying opportunities and risks.

• a creative approach to technological evolution and new concepts.
• a financial as well as a social and environmental engagement

• providing best client service and participating in their growth.

On what criteria would you evaluate BARJANE’s operations ?
What are the main financing operations that BNP Paribas have provided for BARJANE ?

Our analysis is largely based on:

• quality of management,

• BARJANE’s commitment to each project.

• the general economic interest,

• the technical quality of operations, 

• the characteristics of the site,

• the nature of the tenants and length of tenure,

In addition we especially appreciate the BARJANE corporate social responsibility policy which we have seen notably at Marlog (DAHER/EUROCOPTER), and the Parc des Bréguières.

In spite of the current difficult context, will you continue your involvement in the property sector and especially with BARJANE ?
And can you give the reasons for this ?

We consider that BARJANE’s operations totally fit with the logistics chain of their clients. BNP Paribas supports the real economy and is interested in all sectors of activity. This, all operations that are presented to us are considered and studied.
In terms of BARJANE particularly, our group’s characteristics allow us not only to deal with operations such as workflow management or cash flow but also work together on financing and the eventual diversification of sources. Additionally we can bring complementary teams into the projects such as BNP Real Estate (expertise-transaction) or our international network should BARJANE want to expand with their clients into other geographic zones.


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