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Annabelle Jaeger

Regional Conselor, President of ARPE

Can you tell us about ARPE PACA and its principal activities ?

The “Agence Régionale Pour l’Environnement et l’écodéveloppement” (Regional Agency for the Environment and Ecodevelopment) was the first environmental agency created in France. Since 1979, the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region (PACA) and the Departments took the initiative to join in a mixed syndicate which had the objective of working with and supporting local authorities with technical assistance for their sustainable development projects.

ARPE plays a complementary role to the regional and departmental policies. Its aim is to develop, identify and promote innovative practices across the whole regional territory.
To achieve this, ARPE agencies work across different domains: sanitation, aquatic environments, biodiversity, natural areas, green spaces, sustainable Agenda 21 territorial projects, sustainable procurement, waste handling, employment and environmental professions and, for the last 5 years, areas of activities.

What were the main reasons why last October 3 you chose CAD and BARJANE for the 1st RSE PACA Award for Parc des Bréguières ?

The awards jury wanted to recognise the remarkable initiative of this park in terms of social responsibility. The parks activities are coherent and global in terms of sustainable development: its facilities and operations provide answers to issues of territorial integration, environmental preservation, cooperation and responsible economies. 

CAD (Communauté d'agglomération Dracénoise )and BARJANE have been able to develop a high quality facility thanks to early analysis of its integration into the communal and regional development strategy, designing and equipping it by following a system for environmental management and dynamic long lasting organisation.

The jury especially identified the following elements:

• ISO14001 certification for design, corporate welcome and park management.

• Architectural quality of the buildings with management of energy consumption.
• Green building charter

• Lighting charter

• Rain water treatment using alternative technologies

• Link to rail network to encourage rail freight.
• 8 employees who work to ensure the sustainability of facilities offered to employees and companies (welcome, maintenance of green spaces, sanitary facilities, living centre ...)

The Parc des Bréguières is also an example of collaborative working during the whole project between CAD and the developer, BARJANE.

BARJANE has been strongly engaged for a long time in the process of sustainable development. In your opinion, what are the most outstanding elements and what is most relevant in the development of business parks ?

Planning, economic development and environmental protection should not be in conflicting but rather elements that work together in the sustainability of our land. As a result, the development of zones of activity must provide a balance including:

• Stability and local economic development by retaining businesses and maintaining the attractiveness of the zone of activity.

• Environmental preservation: protecting the ecosystem and hydrographical network, managing resources, energy and water, controlling noise pollution and smells and managing industrial and pollution risks linked to transport and movements…

• Employee fulfilment in the work place by providing appropriate services and shared public spaces.

BARJANE has demonstrated with the development of Parc des Bréguières that this is possible

The ARPE PACA and BARJANE (together with the PACA region, the ADEME, the Agence de l’eau, Departments, regional Chambers of Commerce, the CRMA, PALME the national association for environmental quality and sustainable development) form part of the committee drafting a reference framework for a sustainable development and management charter. In your opinion what are the main objectives of this guide and, as the only private developer on the committee, what is the importance of BARJANE’s point of view ?

The reference framework for sustainable development and management of activity zones in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur is a regional tool which recommends and provides feedback in order to improve the integration of sustainability in the development and management of activity zones. This framework will be published in May 2014.

The preparation of this document includes major collaborative work shared between a drafting committee bringing together a wide range of structures: the PACA Region, the Agence de l’eau, the ADEME, Departments, urban planning agencies, chamber of commerce and craft skills and other.

Having BARJANE working with the committee allows an operational view to be expressed in relation to the viability of proposed actions. It is important for all the partners involved that the document isn’t a list of utopian actions but a document that integrates realisable actions for implementing a sustainable activity centre.


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