RICS Registred

Since September 2012, BARJANE is « regulated by RICS ».

RICS Registred

RICS Registred

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). This accreditation confirms a strict code of conduct and a high level of professional and ethical values.
This corporate commitment follows the five RICS ethical standards that each BARJANE team member has made their own :

Act honourably
Never put your own gain above the welfare of your clients or others to whom you have a professional responsibility. Always consider the wider interests of society in your judgements.

Act with integrity
Be trustworthy in all that you do – never deliberately mislead, whether by withholding or distorting information.

Be open and transparent in your dealings
Share the full facts with your clients, making things as plain and intelligible as possible.

Be accountable for all your actions
Take full responsibility for your actions and don’t blame others if things go wrong.

Know and act within your limitations
Be aware of the limits of your competence and don’t be tempted to work beyond these. Never commit to more than you can deliver.

Be objective at all times
Give clear and appropriate advice. Never let sentiments or your own interests cloud your judgement.

Always treat others with respect
Ne jamais faire de discrimination envers les autres.

Set a good example
Remember that both your public and private behaviour could affect your own, RICS’ and other members’ reputations.
Have the courage to make a stand
Be prepared to act if you suspect a risk to safety or malpractice of any sort.

Comply with relevant laws and regulations
Avoid any action, illegal or litigious, that may bring the profession into disrepute.

Avoid conflicts of interest
Declare any potential conflicts of interest, personal or professional, to all relevant parties.

Respect confidentiality
Maintain the confidentiality of your clients’ affairs. Never divulge information to others unless it is necessary.


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