Why join us ?

Why join us ?

Our identity

BARJANE is a responsible real estate investor involved in planning, developing and managing property. Established with private capital, the company’s asset strategy is the development of buildings made available to top quality clients over a long period of time during which the company manages the real estate assets.

With around thirty staff, BARJANE is structured on a dynamic human scale that encourages the assumption of responsibility by every member of staff within a pleasant and motivating work environment.

For BARJANE, corporate success depends on satisfying the 3 points of the triangle : clients, shareholders and the men and women who work in the company.
To achieve this, BARJANE has in place a quality driven management system that listens to its staff and gives them the opportunity to be an integrated part of their suggested proposals for each project undertaken by the company.

BARJANE has sustainability at the heart of all its operations and gives special attention to working with clients at every stage of the development of their projects. Thanks to a team who manage each stage of creating value, BARJANE is committed to providing high quality work that is both innovative and respects the environment.

The BARJANE triangle

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With its well-established know-how BARJANE provides high quality technical expertise that offers clients a complete and in-depth service with professionalism and efficiency.


Proud of its achievements, BARJANE takes care to check every detail, from design to the construction and supervision of its buildings. It is this concern for a job well done that ensures BARJANE’s corporate quality commitment guaranteeing the longevity of its work.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Choosing BARJANE is to opt for a company ready to accept challenges and move forward to complete each project. It means choosing a professional team who take responsibility and defend their convictions to meet the challenges they are given.

Team spirit

BARJANE is also a united team of men and women who work together on a common objective in a friendly environment. BARJANE is very aware of the well-being of its staff and puts everything in place to encourage team spirit and cohesion.

Sustainable engagement

By having all its projects certified, BARJANE is committed to promoting the region by offering responsible solutions that fit with the principles of sustainable development and good business practice. With this perspective in mind, BARJANE ensures the respect of the laws, people, clients, staff or suppliers involved in their developments.

Client service

BARJANE is always looking to defend the interests of its clients and to work with them during the whole process of each project and to ensure that agreements made are adhered to.


« working independently with a lot of flexibility »

"After two preparatory years I joined the Kedge Business School in Marseille, where I chose to specialise in Corporate Social Responsibility. For six months I did an internship at BARJANE after which I continued my Masters training for one year. BARJANE then offered me a contract that was perfectly adapted to my schooling and I had the opportunity to work on some truly empowering assignments. Currently on contract, I am very pleased to have chosen BARJANE and be part of a dynamic and young team that motivates my work. In collaboration with the Director of Sustainable Development and the Director of Development, I have been able to widen my range of skills. At the same time, I am responsible for internal and external communications for BARJANE, which is what I like about this position: being able to work independently with a lot of flexibility."



« assignments that fit with my professional aims »

"Directly after the Baccalaureate, I turned towards a business school and chose the BBA at EDHEC. I did my one months work experience training at BARJANE as management assistant. At that stage I was still unclear about the direction of my career. barjane then entrusted me with a variety of assignments in different sectors so as to fit perfectly with my objectives of training. I returned two years later on a 2 month contract and was once again delighted with how I was welcomed back. BARJANE suggested some assignments that both would fit my career but also were enriching. To sum up, I have really appreciated the care with which we are treated, the relevance of the assignments and the work environment."



« a job with real responsibility »

"Following a course in engineering, specialising in the environment, at Grenoble INP, I trained in Strategic Management in Sustainable Development at Skema Business School. I did my Masters internship for six months at BARJANE where I am currently working on contract. When I started my training, the BARJANE team assigned me a position with real responsibility. After my contractual appointment, the company allowed me to develop very quickly and in a very enriching way, passing from project chief for sustainable development to be responsible for property management. The change in posting allowed me to improve and widen my range of skills. Today, I am directly involved with operations management but still retain a strong link to the sustainable development department. I am particularly responsible for the process of managing the ISO 14001 certification for work health and safety as well as the LUCIE label, which is related to Corporate Social Responsibility. Finally, BARJANE has enabled me to work with independence within a team which engages and progresses with energy"


Sustainable Development


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